"Best of Videos"

Art nude on the rocks

SYDNEY 2019. Photographic workshop conducted by Marie Brokensha and the Boudoir salon.

Art Nude Sunset

No sunset this time! Windy and suddenly stormy. Great session anyway.
Photographic workshop Sydney 2019

Fashion Art Nude Stories

Behind the scenes - Few photographic sessions at the Boudoir salon

Photographic weekend

Photographic weekend - Central coast - Birdie beach

Art Nude Boudoir salon

Photographic workshops / Art nude/ studio

Pin up and druidess

Heritage Fleet

Ballerina with Lea

Roaring 20'

Models 2013

Nudes on TAP 2013

Pin up - Going to the Navy

Pin up - Going to the Navy

Sunset Nude

Sunset Nude October 2012

"The Hippy girl"

Workshop at the Boudoir salon 

70' period style

Kamera Fetish III

Photographic workshop June 2012

Fettish theme

"Nudes on TAP 2012"

Photographic Prize sponsored by Fuji

Opening Night May 2012

Boudoir Salon workshops II

_ Ballerina

- Femme Fleur

Venus in Furs

Boudoir salon studios


Duo on the Dunes

Photographic workshop

summer 2012

La Perouse

"Boudoir Salon s'amuse'

Photographic workshop
Sydney Summer 2012 

Sunset Nude & Soiree Nue

Workshops February 2012

Design and Nude

Marie Brokensha
BoudoirSalon studios

59 Military road
North Bondi
0408 117 535


Galleries from different workshop themes.

  • ROARING 20'

Kamera Fetish 2

Boudoir Salon workshops
Erotic/Fetish, come to the Boudoir dungeon's.

Password: boudoir

Urban Militia

Boudoir Salon on location.
Abandoned oyster farm in Kurnell.

Password: boudoir

Pin Up Garage 09

Ever wanted to photograph a classic 40s bombshell babe or vintage vixen? Ever wanted to enter the realm of 50s kitsch and cheesecake?
Glamorous Hollywood starlets from the 1940s and 1950s such as Dorothy Lamour, Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe...

Password: boudoir

Calypso Dive

Photographic workshop October 2010.

Password: boudoir

Eve au jardin


French pictorialism distinguished itself by its images of the female nude, particularly the classically inflected ones of Puyo.
We’ll shoot classic nude in this bucolic Bellevue Hill garden.

Password:  boudoir

Light Painting Series 1

Boudoir Salon studios. Light torches to paint her body.

Password: bourdoir

Kamera Fetish 1

Boudoir salon photographic workshops. Famous model "Meluxine"

Password: boudoir

La Ballerina

Photographic workshop at the Boudoir Salon
Sydney , Bondi studios

Password: boudoir

La Ballerina II

Photographic workshop at the Boudoir Salon studios.

How fantastic to shoot a nude dancer in action! Body shapes and curves are so different than a classic model.
Capturing movement to freezing action on her body lines, some extraordinary shots to add to your portfolio...

Password: boudoir

Balmain la Nuit

Photographic workshop - Boudoir salon on location. Ballast Point / Balmain

Nude silhouette painted with torch using bulb or long exposure.

Superb architectural shapes in this park overlooking the Harbour. Mysterious/fantastic effects on the the body lines.

Password: boudoir


Boudoir a la Plage

Outdoor workshops on the beach. Vaucluse and la Perouse. 

Password: boudoir

"Reliance" Cruise on the Harbour

Boudoir Salon on location 2010.

Password: boudoir


Photographic workshop at the Boudoir Salon. Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. She was the most beautiful of all goddesses. She represented the universal (and often irrational) power of love.

Password: boudoir

Double Nues

Boudoir Salon On location. On board - "Cape Don" Sydney Darling Harbour

Password: boudoir

Geisha 2

Boudoir Salon goes to Japan. Dive in the environment of a Geisha.
Very sophisticated set up...

Password: boudoir

Black Panther

Boudoir salon studio's workshop How to photograph a dark skin? Techniques and challenge using tungsten light.

Password; boudoir

Boudoir Maritime


For today's location shoot Marie takes her "Boudoir Salon" workshop aboard the sydney ferry "Radar"

Password: boudoir


Tribute to Cheyco Leidmann

“Cheyco Leidmann marked the universal of photography with his hyper colours, his impudence and his provocations. His images are screamingly saturated. Feral female creatures in shiny black boots. A rabid parody of our culture of sex & violence.”"

Password: boudoir


Mermaids at the BoudoirSalon pool

Summer 2010

Password: boudoir

La Courtisane

"A boudoir is a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room, or dressing room. A great deal of “boudoir” is now created in the photographer’s studio, where it has become very fashionable to create a set of sensual images for ladies of all ages, shapes, and sizes in the “boudoir style”."

Password: boudoir